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Snowball Softball (co-ed only)

2017 Results Are In!

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Event Date:

February 18, 2017

NEW Location:

Art Van Sports Complex
3300 Ten Mile Rd
Rockford, MI49341

Field A: 10am Game: Nate Holtrop Vs. Noah Paul
Field A: 11am Game: Winner of 1 Vs. Jason Pesch
Field B: 11am Game: Krissy Holtrop Vs. Kaia Swain
Please arrive early to sign in your team. 

Tournament Director:

Sean Bain, Rusty Warriors

Entry Fees:
$250/Per team (Please email your roster to Sean Bain)
Tournament limited to 12 teams
Double Elimination


Registration is now closed.


MASA Rules with tournament exceptions. Official rules are available (download)

  1. Each batter will start with a 3/2 count.
  2. The strike zone will be a carpet laid on the front edge of the plate. Any pitch that hits the carpet will be a strike.
  3. The batter’s box rule is not in effect.
  4. The batting order will be rocket rule with the weave. Man, Women rotation must remain in place.
  5. There will be no protests allowed. The umpire’s decision is final.
  6. Unlimited home runs.
  7. Defensive positioning is 5 men and 5 women in any alignment. If a team doesn’t have enough men any amount of women may be used to make 10 defenders. If a team doesn’t have enough women it may not use more than 5 men in the field. Must have 8 players to start.


  8. Teams must have at least 4 women to play.
  9. 5 inning ball game 45 min. time limit.
  10. No grace period. Game time is forfeit time. The tournament director will make this call.
  11. The mercy rule is 10 runs ahead after 2 ˝ or 3 innings.
  12. No metal spikes.
  13. No snow will be removed from the field.
  14. The elements will be what they are.
  15. This will be a double elimination with a toilet bowl with a three game guarantee.


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