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Clean Sport Pledge

The Meijer State Games of Michigan is partnering with TrueSport to empower athletes to love the game, not just the trophy, and to pledge to be drug-free.
The Meijer State Games of Michigan embodies the values of participation, sportsmanship and healthy living among residents. We would like our athletes to hold themselves to the same standard by signing this Athlete Pledge.
I ____________________________________ will specifically honor this Athlete Pledge and promise to:
  • Stand for sport that is motivated by a love of the game, and not only
    defined by the scoreboard.
  • Stand for sport in order to win, that employs skill, strength, luck and competitive fire, and that is always played fair and with respect.
  • Stand for sport that challenges us all to keep it real, keep it in perspective, and
    keep it true.
  • Live by the Meijer State Games of Michigan values and TrueSport motto, I dont have to cheat you to beat you.
Lastly, I agree to abide by any and all clean sport rules that relate to me and to my sport.
Take the pledge! Click Here to download now.
Here is a list of athletes from Michigan that have already taken this pledge:
Eric E. (Grand Rapids), Jathan K. (Grand Rapids), Nicole C. (Caledonia), Brad S. (Grand Haven), Eric P. (Holland), Brandy K. (Dearborn), Linda M. (Birmingham), Allie W. (Grand Haven), Trevor M. (Birmingham), Noah H. (Grand Haven), Steve M. (Birmingham), Jordanne E. (Grand Haven), Hailey H. (Howell), Jordyn S. (West Olive), Brent M. (Waterford), Joey Z. (Grand Haven), Mitchell M. (Waterford), Jason H. (West Olive), Georgia A. (Bloomfield Hills), John G. (Grand Haven), Reilly L. (Metamora), Andrew K. (Grand Haven), Pam L. (Metamora), Luke K. (Grand Haven), Allysa L. (Metamora), Brad F. (Grand Haven), Dana B. (Waterford), Isabella Z. (Waterford), Adrian N. (Grand Haven), Lori T. (Hartland), Heather T. (Hartland), Clay L. (Grand Haven), Noah T. (Grand Haven), Joe P. (Ortonville), Max A. (Grand Haven), Allison P. (Ortonville), Liz M. (Grand Haven), Sara M. (Troy), Ashley V. (Grand Haven), Todd A. (Grand Haven), Steve P. (Midland), Olivia S. (Grand Haven), Jared S. (Grand Blanc), Trevon K. (Ferrysburg), Kyle M. (Grand Haven), Katelynn W. (Swartz Creek), Eric S. (Grand Haven), Chelsea W. (Swartz Creek), Tracey W. (Wayland), Lilly A. (Grand Haven), Eric W. (Swartz Creek), Jeremy G. (Detroit), Evan R. (West Olive), Colleen D. (Waterford), Debra O. (Dexter), Michelle A. (Grand Haven), Braeden T. (Muskegon), Christopher B. (Howell), Logan B. (Spring Lake), Chris B. (Howell), Gabe L. (Grand Haven), Emily B. (Howell), Cameron T. (Grand Haven), Ronald H. (Clarkston), Logan D. (Grand Haven), Tim G. (Trenton), Pat M. (Grand Haven), Jean P. (Davisburg), Drew H. (Spring Lake), Brandon H. (Spring Lake), Richard P. (Davisburg), Jennifer H. (Spring Lake), Angel H. (Grand Haven), Jim M. (Ray Township), Sherry L. (Wyandotte), Wayne B. (Grand Rapids), Tom H. (Grand Rapids), Sarah S. (Grand Blanc), Andrew S. (Grand Rapids), Roy S. (Grand Blanc), Mikayla V. (Rockford), Paula L. (Zeeland), Paul M. (Brownstown), Hunter H. (Fenton), Kim H. (Fenton), Anthony L. (Commerce Township), Jane J. (Rockford), Larry J. (Rockford), Paula L. (Zeeland), Todd F. (Huntington Wood), Clark F. (Huntington Woods), David H. (Jenison), Marissa V. (Grand Rapids), Victoria M. (Troy), Kim H. (Grand Rapids), Scott D. (Ray), Ben F. (Grand Rapids), Glenn M. (Fremont ), Grace E. (Belmont), Jeff D. (Rockford), Judith W. (Muskegon), Ryan K. (Spring Lake), Matt B. (Oxford), Kyle B. (Lake Orion), Emma B. (Lake Orion), Mallorie B. (Lake Orion), Lauren B. (Lake Orion), Hannah C. (Oxford), Mary C. (Lake Orion), Christina C. (Lake Orion), Riley C. (Lake Orion), Drew D. (Lake Orion), Alexis D. (Lake Orion), Lauren D. (Lake Orion), Jack E. (Lake Orion), Jomah F. (Lake Orion), David F. (Lake Orion), Abigal F. (Lake Orion), Paige G. (Lake Orion), Jordan G. (Lake Orion), Ryan G. (Lake Orion), Ryan G. (Lake Orion), Zach G. (Lake Orion), Ben H. (Lake Orion), David H. (Lake Orion), Ryan H. (Lake Orion), Christian H. (Lake Orion), Elizabeth H. (Lake Orion), Daemon J. (Lake Orion), Sydney J. (Lake Orion), Ashley K. (Oxford), Ben L. (Lake Orion), Brittany L. (Lake Orion), Nicholas L. (Lake Orion), Lexie M. (Oxford), Kyle M. (Lake Orion), Kiara M. (Lake Orion), Madeleine M. (Oxford), Nate M. (Lake Orion), Claire M. (Lake Orion), Lauren M. (Lake Orion), Maddy M. (Lake Orion), Katie M. (Lake Orion), Julia O. (Lake Orion), Hayley P. (Lake Orion), Madeline R. (Lake Orion), Abby R. (Lake Orion), Mackenzie S. (Lake Orion), Sarah S. (Oxford), Claudia S. (Lake Orion), Riley S. (Lake Orion), Casey S. (Lake Orion), Nora T. (Lake Orion), Nora T. (Lake Orion), Taylor Z. (Lake Orion), Onesimus P. (Grand Rapids), Jordan (Grand Rapids), Jimel R. (Grand Rapids), Britney K. (Grand Rapids), Arion P. (Grand Rapids), JaVon F. (Grand Rapids), Jonathon L. (Wyoming), Jha'Kari S. (Grand Rapids), Syria L. (Grand Rapids), Corey M. (Grand Rapids) Quantay R. (Grand Rapids), Benjie C. (Grand Rapids), Willie D. (Grand Rapids), Josh H. (Wyoming), Jordan S. (Grand Rapids), Able K. (Kentwood), Bradley B. (Grand Rapids), Ken B. (Grand Rapids), Cheistian B. (Kentwood), Alexander J. (Grand Rapids), Derrick B. (Kentwood), Trae R. (Kentwood), Caebre B. (Kentwood), Desmon B. (Grand Rapids), Mar'Quay P. (Grand Rspids), Josh B. (Wyoming), Patrick M. (Grand Rapids), Ismael O. (Fennville), Tyler S. (Fennville), Alec G. (Fennville), Jordan W. (Fennville), Ryab T. (Fennville), Jacob T. (Fennville), Cody C. (Fennville), Cody V. (Fennville), Johnathon W. (Fennville), James G. (Fennville), Tyus G. (Fennville), Roberto G. (Fennville), Julian M. (Fennville), Daysha R. (Zeeland), Kayln L. (Zeeland), Ella C. (Zeeland), Molly M. (Zeeland), Natalie (Zeeland), Kennedy R. (Zeeland), Emily (Zeeland), Katie R. (Dorr), Sophia (Zeeland), Mariah S. (Holland), Amanda M. (Zeeland), Nuemi S. (Holland), Katie H. (Zeeland), Sara L. (Zeeland), Regan B. (Holland), Adelle M. (Zeeland), Aliza T. (Zeeland), Jada L. (Vriesland), Ava J. (Zeeland), Alex G. (Mt. Morris), Kelsie L. (Grand Rapids), Michael C. (Swartz Creek)