Meijer State Games Tournament Director Spotlight:

Nick DeVries, Water Skiing

by: David Gerhart

Nick Devries, a former participant of the Meijer State Games of Michigan, is one of the tournament directors for this year’s waterskiing event. After the snow melts and the weather warms up, Nick spends a lot of the time on the water either skiing or driving the boat for other skiers. He also participates in other recreational activities like softball and basketball, and he has even competed in the Meijer State Games Bowling – Winter Games event. 
Nick is the coach of the waterskiing team at Grand Valley State, where he was a member of the team while he attended school. Nick started to waterski when he was four years old and competed in his first competition at 18 years old. Waterskiing was always a fun activity that Nick and his family did to bond together and enjoy the weather. 
Nick first got involved in the Meijer State Games when he was working with a local radio station in Grand Rapids. After hearing about the multisport event, Nick his friends teamed up to get waterskiing added to the sports lineup. Nick first got involved with the Meijer State Games as an intern, where he helped promote the Winter Games and even traveled to other states to see how they ran their games. 
The waterskiing event at this year’s Meijer State Games is very unique as the slalom segment of the competition is very exclusive to water sporting activities, with great public access to watch the tournament. This year only the X-Games and the Meijer State Games will be holding competitions at Millennium Park.
At this year’s tournament, Nick is hoping to bring in water-skiers of all different talent levels to compete in the tournament. The friendships and memories made at tournaments like these last a lifetime, an opportunity Nick looks forward to providing his athletes. 
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