Meijer State Games Tournament Director Spotlight:

Mike Keyes, Shooting Sports

by: David Gerhart

Michael Keyes, who has been an outdoorsman his entire life, enters his first year as a tournament director as the event of sporting clays has been added to the shooting sports repertoire for the 2015 Meijer State Games – Summer Games. Last fall, Keyes and the Caledonia Sportsman’s Club contacted the Meijer State Games to see if sport clays was something they would be interested in adding into the lineup. After Keyes met with the Meijer State Games of Michigan, both sides started to work on a program to be featured in the 2015 Meijer State Games of Michigan – Summer Games.
Keyes has always been an outdoorsman and really started to pick up sporting clays when he worked at the Caledonia Sportsman Club. Doing maintenance to the sporting clays course is what really sparked the interest into sporting clays for Keyes. With this blossoming interest in sporting clays, he is now a member of the National Sporting Clays Association. Mike looks to continue to grow the shooting sports by getting the youth more involved in the different types of shooting sports, while continuing to grow the education of hunting in the area.
At this year’s event, Mike looks to run a great event at the Caledonia Sportsman Club where he will be able to observe and run a great event. He is looking forward to being able to watch many great people enjoy the sport that he loves so much. As a tournament director, Keyes will also look to continue to grow sporting clays in West Michigan, as the event is a National Sporting Clays Association event, which will bring in some great competition for now and well into the future.
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