Liseana Barnes 

The 2016 Meijer State Game's National Anthem Contest Winner

By: Megan Sauer

In April, over 6,000 fans took to Facebook to vote in the Meijer States Games of Michigan's 4th annual National Anthem Contest presented by Heglund Sova RealityLiseana Barnes, an 8th grader from Grand Rapids, was voted the winner with 92 votes over the second place finalist. 

The multitalented 13 year old does more than just sing. Liseana runs for her school's track and field team, and serves as a student teacher at The Revolution Church in the Children's Ministry and Youth Advance Department. In her free time, Liseana loves to work with children, write songs, and choreograph her own dance routines. Her dream is to one day change the world with her voice.    

When Liseana first found out about the National Anthem Contest through her vocal coach, Vanessa Allen, she wasn't sure if she wanted to enter. The night before the deadline Liseana and her mother,  Elisea, uploaded her video onto Youtube to be entered in the contest.    

"I never thought I would even make it to the top three," said Liseana. "Once I made it... I wanted to win. I knew that now I had a chance!"  

Her mother, Elisea, could not be more proud of Liseana's achievement. She believes this accomplishment has the potential to inspire a new demographic of young people in Michigan.
"Liseana never thought she would win," said Elisea. "But now through this opportunity, she knows that she can do anything she puts her mind to."   

Liseana Barnes will perform her rendition of the national anthem in front of 5,000 people at  the Summer Games Opening Ceremonies  on Friday, June 24 at the Fifth Third Ballpark. 

Click here for more information on the Meijer State Games of Michigan's 2016 Summer Games Opening Cermonies.

Watch Liseana's audition video below: 


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