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Meijer State Games of Michigan - 2017 Winter Games Main Weekend Details

MEIJER STATE GAMES OF MICHIGAN 2017 WINTER GAMES MAIN WEEKEND DETAILS Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 14, 2017 – The Meijer State Games of Michigan 2017 Winter Games main weekend of competition starts this Friday. The sports this weekend include: Archery (Indoor), Basketball, BMX (Indoor), Bowling, Cross Country Skiing, Darts, Disc Golf, Fencing, Wheelchair Fencing, Karate, Rowing (Virtual), Shooting Sports (Pistol and Sporting Clays), Ski & Snowboard, Snowball Softball, Wrestling. Registration is still open online for most sports. On-site registration is also available for the majority of sports. For more information and how to register, please visit Volunteers are [...]

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