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Athlete Spotlight - Sven and Aksel Daukss (Ski & Snowboard)

Sven and Aksel Daukss are brothers from Rockford, Michigan who love to ski. They are the first two participants to sign up for the Meijer Winter State Games of Michigan inaugural Giant Slalom and Slalom events at Cannonsburg. Sven has also signed up for the skier cross event. When they heard the announcement, on the news, about the event, they knew it was for them.

Athlete Spotlight - Scott Zylstra (Fatbike)

After 15 years as a pharmaceutical sales rep, I followed my life's dream of owning a restaurant. On March 1, 2012, I opened Old Mill Brewpub & Grill in Plainwell, MI. Old Mill is housed in a 140 year old former flour mill. The Sunshine Flour Company was the largest buckwheat flour mill in the country at one point. My brewery received approval in August 2013 and launched its first beer, Sunshine Stout, on October 25 of this year. I am planning on having 10 of my own brews on tap by Spring 2014. I've been riding mountain bikes [...]

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