Meijer State Games of Michigan Athlete Spotlight:

Tate Gardner, Snowboarding

By: Zoe Harmon


Since the young age of seven, Tate Gardner has been shredding the snow hills. Tate, now 13-years old, has been snowboarding for the past six years, however, snowboarding was not his first option. He thought he wanted to skateboard, but after getting a snowboard he fell in love with the sport.

Tate has been participating in the Meijer State Games of Michigan for a few years and has medals from both the State Games and the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association (USASA). He has also won various clothing items from camps.

This year, Tate hopes to do well in the State Games. He recently made it on the Marhar Snowboards Deputy Team and if he does well, he will make it up to the Big Team.  Based on history, Tate should not have a problem doing well. In 2014, he went to a rail jam in Holland and placed first in intermediate. This accomplishment alone is impressive, but even more so that he was competing against 20-year olds. 

Clearly, Tate knows how to prepare for competition. He says that he maintains a healthy lifestyle by, “Eating healthy, resting, and exercising.” If Tate keeps up the hard work it won’t be hard for him to accomplish his goal of being a “snowboarder that isn’t super well-known but is still good.”

Sportsmanship is also important to Tate. He supports his competitors by patting them on the back and telling them they “killed it” when they do well. Tate also knows that winning is not everything and highlights the importance of being in the competition for the fun.

When he is not snowboarding, Tate enjoys doing flips with tramps and parkour. He is dedicated and passionate about his sport and hobbies.

One of Tate’s favorite quotes, by Mark McMorris, is “Enjoy the ride and never take anything for granted.” Tate knows how to take each day at a time and truly enjoy the experience of snowboarding. 

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