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Meijer State Games of Michigan Athlete Spotlight:

Tyler Glynn, Archery

By: Zoe Harmon


Thanks to a persistent mom, Tyler Glynn has come to love the sport of archery. Six years ago, Tyler’s mom signed him up for an archery class through the Rockford Community Education Program.

During the class, Tyler met his archery coach and good friend, Jeff DeRegnaucourt who taught him the basics during the nine-week class. DeReganucourt was impressed with Tyler and invited him to try the Junior Olympic Program at the Rockford Sportsman’s Club, which he gladly accepted. From there, Tyler fell in love with the sport and has become grateful that his mom “forced” him to take the class.

A true outdoorsman, Tyler enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. If given the choice, he would never go to school, as he loves to spend hours shooting his bow. In the summer, Tyler is the food and beverage coordinator for the West Michigan Whitecaps and in the winter he works for his dad’s construction business.

Tyler has participated in both the Meijer State Games of Michigan Winter and Summer games for the past few years. What keeps him coming back is the people he meets, the fun he has, and the competition. Tyler comments, “I love all of the great people I get to meet through archery and how close knit everyone is.” He adds that he feels right at home when competing in the State Games of Michigan.

In 2012, Tyler received his bronze, silver, and gold Olympian, which is the highest honor for the Junior Olympic Program. For this honor he received a plaque, a picture of himself, a special jacket, and a new bag. He also has three stars on his belt, which reminds him of how far he has come since the beginner’s archery class.

Tyler, who is now 21 years old, hopes to one day win an Archery World Cup Event. In the meantime, he practices at his house, and goes to the West Michigan Archery Center for leagues and open shoots. Focus is key as he tries to make every arrow count. Tyler is a true competitor.

As a competitor, Tyler has always seen the importance of positive sportsmanship. Tyler notes, “From the eyes of all ages, I want to be an example of what to follow. I feel so rewarded when a person shoots a bullseye and enjoy seeing the giant smile they get on their face. It is truly priceless and reminds me why I love the sport of archery so much.”

A healthy lifestyle is also important to Tyler, who loves the feeling after a great workout. The Whitecaps offer employees a gym membership to the YMCA, which Tyler uses during the winter months. In the summer, he can be found walking, lifting, or working outside. He thoroughly enjoys walking around and sightseeing in the great cities he lives near. 
Tyler highly encourages everyone to give archery a try because it is not as easy as most people would think, and because it teaches many great life lessons. Tyler admits, “Archery has taught me more about life than I would have ever imagined.” For one, Archery has taught Tyler that it is okay to be different and branch out. He adds, “Sometimes following everyone else is not the best path.”

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