Meijer State Games of Michigan Athlete Spotlight:

Elizabeth Ginebaugh, Archery

by: Kenneth DeGraaf

At 54-years old, Elizabeth Ginebaugh has recently discovered one of her life passions in archery. Approximately 6 years ago, Elizabeth was traveling with her son to several archery tournaments and thought to herself how nice it would be for the two of them to compete together. Elizabeth already had minor experience from shooting classes years ago, and figured she would be able to do it again. “It has proven a lot of fun and a challenge to me in improving my own techniques and scores,” Elizabeth explained.
Since her journey back into the sport, Elizabeth has experienced some success. She has placed in all of the local tournaments she has entered in addition to a few outside her local area. For Elizabeth, it is all about continuously competing and improving to enhance her archery skills. “I want to make it to the National Games and other tournaments as I improve,” Elizabeth said when asked about her future goals. “I am getting coaching help now, which will improve my confidence and help me with my goals.”  
When asked about her key to success, Elizabeth provided 5 points she believes every archer needs to live by if they are to be successful. The first point Elizabeth noted is that every archer needs to understand that the only person you are competing against is yourself. “To improve from day to day is the only goal. If you improve, you win.” For Elizabeth’s next point, she believes consistency in form is key. “Once the form and anchor points become ingrained in muscle memory, adjustments one step at a time can be done.”
Elizabeth’s third point, which can applied to every sport and aspect in life, is to enjoy what you do. “The most enjoyable part of archery is being outdoors in the fresh air and enjoying the camaraderie and wisdom of others.” Fourthly, Elizabeth feels it is vital to learn correct form from the beginning. “From anchor points to steps in the shooting process, learn from a coach.”
Finally, Elizabeth claims it is important for archer’s to understand that each distance has a particular size target face that is used. “For my long distances (60 and 50 meters), I shoot at a 122cm target face. At 40 and 30 meters, I shoot at an 80 cm face. For every division, there are rules for distances to shoot and target face size. I am currently in Masters 50+, Female Recurve archer.”
Through classes and determination to become a better archer, Elizabeth has established herself back into the sport of archery. She is living proof that it is never too late to find your life passion, as she looks forward to shooting for success at the Meijer State Games of Michigan.
The Meijer State Games of Michigan is a multi-sport, Olympic-style event(s) that welcome athletes regardless of age or ability level. The Games embody the values of participation, sportsmanship and healthy living.
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