Meijer State Games Sport Director Spotlight:

Scot Ferwerda, Wakeboard

by: Megan Sauer

Scot Ferwerda, the returning competition director of wakeboard division for the Meijer State Games of Michigan, has been involved in watersports for as long as he can remember. This includes 18 years of wakeboard, 15 years of coaching, and 7 years directing.  

After graduating from Grand Rapids Baptist High School in 2002, Ferwerda moved to Orlando, FL, with the intention of becoming a professional wakeboarderHe returned to Grand Rapids in 2009 to compete in a wakeboard competition hosted in the parking lot of The B.O.B. known as Wake Wars. Unfortunately, a miscalculated maneuver resulted in a back injury that kept Ferwerda out of the water for eight months.  

The injury, however, did not affect Ferwerda's passion for the sport of wakeboard. He came back to Grand Rapids the following year to join forces with Action Water Sports to create Placid Wake Parkthe first place in Michigan athletes could wakeboard attached to 700-foot cables instead of from behind a boat.  

Ferwerda has undoubtedly had a major impact on West Michigan's wakeboard community. He will be the new owner, operator, and head coach of Action Water Sports, located in Hudsonville, Michigan, set to open May 16th. In its inaugural year, the park will also host the 2016 Meijer State Games of Michigan's wakeboard event.  

"The State Games has always been a great tournament, and I only expect it to get bigger and better," said Ferwerda. "I thought it would be an awesome way to showcase the sport of wakeboarding and provide a great tournament for all riders."  

Wakeboard as an event in the Meijer State Games has continued to grow. With the addition of two new competitive categoriesFerwerda wants to continue to attract new boarders and spectators to the competition hosted on June 25th, 2016. 

"Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting event which everyone feels comfortable coming to whether to watch, or to participate," said Ferwerda"Over the past years, the wakeboard event has been one of the coolest events that is in the State Games. Wakeboard is something you don't see everyday and is just an all around awesome event for spectators and participants alike." 
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