Meijer State Games of Michigan Athlete Spotlight:

Emily Fath, Urban Downhill

by: Kenneth DeGraaf

Born in Indianapolis and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, Emily Fath could have never predicted her eventual involvement in the sport of downhill longboarding. When this 5’1’’ Senior from Indiana University first bought her longboard, her only intent was to use it as a way to casually cruise around. Once Emily got to IU, however, that would change. “I got involved with the Longboarding Club at Indiana University, which has a ton of talented people who are eager to spread the enthusiasm about downhill, freeriding, and longboarding in general,” Emily explained.
Last year, Emily made her first appearance in the State Games of Michigan, which served as her first ever longboarding race. “It was a ton of fun and good vibes with all the people,” Emily said of the event. Emily looks forward to improving from last year’s performance, which includes avoiding smacking into the hay bales on right turns. “There was a lot about form that I hadn’t learned yet… so hopefully I can avoid that this year.” Emily is also a big fan of how the State Games course is setup. “The fact that it’s going to be a closed-road, legal event. I’m all about that.”
According to Emily, fellow riders have noticed her improvement from last year’s State Games as she looks forward to putting it on display next month. In order to improve, Emily realizes the need to maintain a healthy living. She does so by skating down hills and walking back up, while trying to resist junk food as much as possible. Despite the desire to improve her performance, the main thing Emily hopes to accomplish this year is having a good time and reuniting with her friends from around the Midwest. 
When asked about how she engages in positive sportsmanship, Emily answered, “I’m not extremely competitive which makes it easier, I think. I like racing because of the social and travel aspects and to see my own personal improvement. Regardless, the longboarding scene in general is very friendly and people love to help each other get better.” Emily also stresses the importance to seek advice from those more skilled than you, in addition to passing it down to those who have to learn more. 
When she is not longboarding, Emily commits most of her time to studies in Informatics and Psychology at Indiana University. Her other hobbies include casual longboarding, writing music, and cooking. In the future, Emily hopes to pursue her passion of Human-Computer Interaction Design into grad school. At 5’1’’, this lady on wheels may be small, but her driven attitude to succeed on and off the course is what makes her potential much, much bigger. 
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