Meijer State Games of Michigan Athlete Spotlight:

Christopher Neihoff, Rowing

By: Zoe Harmon


Dedication and love are two very important things that athlete Christopher Neihoff has for the sport of rowing. Christopher recently registered for the Meijer State Games of 2016 Winter Games Virtual Rowing Competition and is looking forward to having fun and going for the gold.

Christopher competed in the State Games 2015 Summer Games, and loved everything about it. In rowing, he has one silver and three silver medals.

Although Christopher, 14, is currently in middle school, some wish he was older. Christopher recalls practicing and competing with the Rockford Varsity Team this summer, and because of his love and dedication for the sport some of the team said, “We wish Chris was in high school so he could compete with us this spring.” It is clear that he is a valuable athlete.

Christopher wasn’t always a rower. One summer him mom saw a flyer about rowing through his school and asked him if he wanted to give it a try. Christopher said yes and after the first day he fell in love with the sport. He told his mom, “I have found my sport!” He was clearly excited to find his passion.

Positivity and teamwork are both attributes that Christopher believes make an individual a better athlete. He feels that rowing is the true definition of a team sport. Christopher notes, “To do this sport, you need everyone in your boat to be working together, their head in the game, their timing exact, and to work hard when the time is right.” Rowing is truly a team effort and Christopher is looking forward high school, where he hopes to make the Varsity Rowing Team as a freshman.

To stay healthy, Christopher tries to eat mindfully, although he admits he enjoys wings and pizza. He also stays active through his hobbies which include kayaking, airsoft guns, mountain biking, camping with his family, skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing.

As competition draws near, Christopher is ready to row his way to the gold!

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